Best Foods For Bodybuilding And Muscle Gain

If you are a serious bodybuilder or athlete then ensuring your diet provides your body with all of the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to train hard and optimize results is vital to your long-term success. Of course, not all foods are created equal and some foods are much better than others when it comes to building lean muscle mass and fighting off extra body fat.

The foods you consume go a long way in establishing an environment within your body that is primed for peak physical performance and building lean muscle quickly.

Best Bodybuilding Foods

Take a minute to review our list of the ten best bodybuilding foods and make an effort to include some or all of these into your diet plan. You just might be surprised at what a big difference they can make.

Egg Whites = Protein

Egg whites are extremely high in protein which is essential for building big muscles. Protein also helps muscles recover faster from strenuous workouts. In fact, each egg white has approximately six grams of protein and it is very common for serious bodybuilders to consume half a dozen or more per day.

If you include a couple of yolks as well, a half dozen egg whites will provide your body with over twenty five grams of protein with no carbs and only has about one hundred fifty calories.

Chicken = Low Fat Protein

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and it is very low in fat. A six-ounce piece of chicken provides over thirty grams of protein and under five grams of fat. Additionally, chicken can be prepared in many different ways which make it easy to consume on a regular basis without getting tired of it and still having it taste great. It is a very versatile food that goes well with breakfast, lunch and dinner all equally well and you can add almost any type of spice or side dish to make it exactly the way you want.

Almonds = Unsaturated Fats

Almonds are an excellent snack with high levels of protein as well as unsaturated fat. Just a single ounce has six grams, only one hundred sixty-three calories and just fourteen grams of fat. If you need a snack that contains all kinds of essential nutrients for your muscles then almonds are a great choice.

Lean Beef = Pure Creatine And Protein

Lean beef is an excellent snack or the centrepiece for a full meal. Steak is very high in protein and you actually get pure creatine from steak also. Similar to chicken, steak can be prepared any number of ways which makes it easy to keep it simple or get creative to keep it tasting great.

Asparagus = Balanced Electrolytes

Asparagus does an excellent job of balancing the electrolytes in your system and it is a natural diuretic. This tasty vegetable is a favourite of bodybuilders that need to eat before a competition but still need their body ton remain ripped and tight for the stage.

Cottage Cheese – Casein Protein

Cottage cheese is not everyone’s favorite but if you happen to enjoy it then it is a great source of all-natural casein protein. Protein that releases slowly into your system throughout the day is very important for bodybuilders. It helps build muscle and reduces muscle recovery time.

Fish = Protein And Omega 3

Fish doesn’t have any carbs and it is very rich in protein without many calories. It is the core of many bodybuilders’ diets and there are many varieties to choose from. It is one of the more versatile foods on the list as it can be prepared as a main course, an appetizer, a snack or just about any way that you can think of.

Oatmeal = High Carbs And Low Fat

Oatmeal is an excellent source of carbohydrates and it is very healthy too. It does not contain too many calories and is a perfect choice for an easy breakfast or midday snack. You can also add delicious fruits or other foods to make it taste even better.

Turkey = Protein

Turkey is not just for Thanks giving any more. It tastes great and it offers high-quality protein with low amounts of fat. Turkey is a favorite among many bodybuilders when they get tired of eating chicken or want something a little different.

Sweet Potatoes = High Energy And Low Fat

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of energy and they help your muscles sustain endurance. Another good thing about sweet potatoes is they can be prepared in many different ways if you are feeling creative.

Everyone’s body is a little different and it is important to customize a bodybuilding diet plan around what works for you. However choosing the right foods can make a huge difference when maintaining growth and strength.

Incorporating some of the delicious foods listed above into your bodybuilding diet will give you an edge and deliver vital nutrients to your body without all the fat and calories.

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