Black Wolf Workout Supplement Reviews

Black Wolf supplies workout Supplements for both men and women who are looking for a complete pre, intra and post workout product. Within this review of the Black Wolf range we will be analysing and reviewing their newly released range of fitness supplements.

What Black Wolf have done especially well is created a formula that works before, during and after a workout. This way you do not have to switch between brands as you know the Black Wolf package compliments one another. You get a pre boost before your workout, then another boost with added proteins in between. Finally when you’ve completed your session you receive a bigger boost of BCAAS, Proteins and Nutrients to help muscles repair and grow at their full potential.

How Does Black Wolf Work?

Black Wolf has three different supplements which include 2 pre-workout supplements that are designed for men and women known as the Hunter pack (Men) and the huntress pack (Women).

The pre-workout packs provide the extra energy that is required by the body and prepares it for the tough exercise routine that lies ahead. Here are some points that explain How Black Wolf helps your body prepare for a good workout:

  • The formula increases nutrient absorption capabilities in the body leading to better gains and more strength to perform better.
  • Keep the nervous system healthy for quick responses and faster reflexes when performing exercises.
  • It improves your muscle functions making it easier to do power lifts and squeeze out those extra reps that you have not been able to achieve.
  • To increase the gains, Black Wolf also increases the protein synthesis function in the body giving it a better metabolism for increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat.
  • For the body to retain the Creatine levels, black Wolf increases the monohydrate levels after a single scoop.

Black Wolf Hunter

Track For Men

Like every wolf begins its hunt with tracking its prey, black Wolf has designed its pre-workout supplement for men and named it Track. Track is specifically designed for men to enhance their abilities before they begin working out. This is especially needed to make sure the person does not get fatigued mid workout and has enough energy to get the start they need for a satisfying full body workout.

It doesn’t only prepare the body, but sends positive signals to the brain and gets the person in the right mood to begin the workout. The active ingredients present in Black Wolf Hunter pack will help the man achieve the full strength that he requires for the workout.


Black Wolf Huntress

Trail For Women

Men and Women are a species that experience sexual dimorphism, which means that their bodies have separate requirements. Black Wolf understands this and has created the Trail pre-workout pack for women which allows them to reach their full potential in terms of working out and exercising.

Just as Track was used as the name for Men’s pre-workout supplement, the female wolves trail their prey before finding the right time to strike, hence the name Trail. Trail is designed specifically to have the ingredients which allow the women to retain their beautiful figure with muscle growth. It makes them gain muscle mass but keeps their body’s beauty intact.

Trail is the perfect pre-workout supplement for all women looking for a workout that can help them cross their limits.


Hunt is the Intra workout supplement created by Black Wolf to keep a person going when performing extreme workouts. This supplement is specifically designed to help you get the gains for the workout that you have already done.

It is a good way of not letting the body go cold before your workout ends and keep it in the mode for increasing muscle. Hunt is designed universally for both men and women and is to be taken after respective Track and Trail supplements have been consumed.


Now it is time to eliminate the prey that you have been hunting for quite some time. Like Hunt, this supplement is designed for both men and women and is to be taken post work-out to help the body repair muscles faster and absorb the very much needed nutrients from the post work-out meal you would be having.

Eliminate is a superior supplement created by Black wolf that can help you see the results of your workout much faster and keeps the body from being fatigued so that the person is ready for a workout the next day.

Black Wolf is a complete workout supplement pack for both men and women and it is advised for people seeking supplements to enhance their growth to opt for Black Wolf Hunter or Huntress packs.


Ingredients used in Black Wolf Supplements

L-isoleucine, L-leucineL-valine. Amino acids that enhance muscle growth and energy energy levels. L-isoleucine does not get synthesized within your body so consuming this (BCAA) is the only way for these ingredient to be active within your body. L-taurine is also present for an ever increasing level of stamina and energy, perfect for such a pre workout formula. Other ingredients present in the Black Wolf formulas are: CoQ10, zinc, whey protein isolate, and selenium which all aid in the recovery and growth of muscle mass.

Black Wolf Side Effects

Side effects specifically associate with the Black Wolf range are unheard of! But you should always be careful when taking pre workout supplements. If you have any underlying health issues then please be advices that these supplements can cause:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Increased heart levels
  • insomnia (lack of sleep)
  • Stomach cramps and aches

Black Wolf Testimonials

Due to being a female bodybuilder I find it harder find a product specifically design for women that produces results! After discovering the new supplements from Black Wolf I ordered a month supply. I found their range of products offered a great pre-workout with an intense energy feeling. I have noticed extra strength and less fatigued after my gym time. Black Wolf review received from Sarah 03/03/2017.

Final Review Of Black Wolf Range

Looking through the ingredients and seeing that user reviews backup Black Wolf’s claims of enhanced energy and growth levels. We have no problem in recommending their bodybuilding supplements for both men and women.

Black Wolf Review

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