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Crazy Mass offers a wide variety of stacks to help you burn, bulk and cut. These statements are widely used by many legal steroid companies to lure users in to buying their products. Released back in 2011, Crazy Mass were one of the first developers of legal steroids. They released their initial 6 agents to help bodybuilders improve performance and growth.  Since releasing their initial 6 products back in 2011 they have released a further five products to help you improve testosterone levels, cutting, strength and bulking cycles.

Their supplements are carefully detailed proclaiming which ones you should use if you would like to bulk, cut, gain strength or accelerate fat loss. They state that a person can see results using their products in as little as 30 days. This Crazy Mass review will be evaluating these claims and revealing if their series of products are all what they say they are!

The Hardcore Bodybuilding Community!

I know what the hardcore bodybuilding community is thinking. “There is no way a legal steroid can provide the sort of results I am looking for.” Crazy Mass uses the finest, high-quality ingredients in its supplements. They have been making their products for over a decade now.

There are numerous user reviews out there stating that people have achieved amazing results from using their products. If it’s side effect free and legal, why not give them a chance?

The quality ingredients that Crazy Mass uses in their products will result in increase strength and rapid fat loss. Your testosterone will rise and all the benefits that go along with that will make you feel superhuman.

A high protein diet goes together with any intense exercise program. The extra protein you will be ingesting, either through shakes or actual food, will be utilized and stored as muscle as long as you combine it with an intense exercise program. The quality ingredients in the Crazy Mass supplements will assist greatly with the protein synthesis.

What To Expect From These Supplements?

Crazy Mass now offer ten individual supplements that concentrate on individual cycles to maximize your growth. They have split their bodybuilding supplements into cutting, bulking and strength categories.

  • Cutting agents – Reduces fat, ups your energy levels and helps you exercise longer for better cutting cycles.
  • Bulking agents – Increases proteins, BCAAS and helps you lift heavier weights thorough protein synthesis.
  • Strength agents – Reduces fatigue and encourages blood flow to fatigued muscle tissue. This is proven to help you push for longer periods to help rip more micro tissue for bigger gains.

List Of Single Use supplements:

  1. Trenbolone – Designed for Cutting & Bulking cycles.
  2. Testosteroxn – Designed for boosting a users testosterone levels.
  3. Decka – Enhances a users muscle and strength levels.
  4. A-Anolone – Increases a users bulk at a quicker rate.
  5. D-Anaoxn – Helps grow lean muscle while improving a users strength levels.
  6. Paravar – Cuts, burns and improves energy which is ideal for cutting cycles.

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Ingredients Used In The Formulas

Here is a list of the most important ingredients which have been included across all formula. Cactinea powder, Ascophyllum, Anhydrous sativa, Magnesium, Nopal, Zinc, Vitamins B and Vtamin D. Each individual ingredient listed is safe, effective and compliments a bodybuilders workout rate. These are just a small sample of the ingredients formulated into their range of enhancement supplements.

Stacking Individual Supplements

Offering a mixture of stacks that generally consist 4 stand alone supplements. Stacks are for the more dedicated bodybuilders and are generally more expensive to purchase. Each stack is designed to target all cycles and have been received well among bodybuilders.

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Reported Side Effects

Because Crazy Mass incorporate a powerful formula in their supplements some users have reported moderate side effects. Individual side effects are reported below:

  • Stomach aches and diarrhoea – Among all user reviews and feedback these are the most common
  • Headaches – Although not a common occurrence users reported it in 10/15% testimonials.
  • Muscle Cramps – Associated with a good gym session, some users have reported these as side effects!

Although these products change the chemistry of your body, side effects are relatively low. Side effects are not severe, but you should always avoid if you suffer from any health complication or have been prescribed medication. Therefore, we would advise you to seek a second opinion from a trained professional on this issue!

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Recent Customer Reviews

Crazy Mass products have helped me achieve a much better lift and definition. Having been bodybuilding for many years I needed something to help with my growth and better my ability. The stacking series of supplements is a must have! I started off with using their Decka agent and found it did not give me enough growth or strength. But well worth it all in the long term! Dave.

Final Crazy Mass Review

Our final opinion of Crazy Mass is positive, we would like to bring to your attention the minor side effects associated with the use of these supplements. Crazy Mass reviews are about 70% positive and reveal that most users were happy with their overall results.

If you are ready to push yourself past previous plateaus, Crazy Mass is the supplement company you should be using. This company has been around for over ten years and has countless positive reviews. What are you waiting for? Give them a try! You may be their next extraordinary positive testimonial.

Adding to this the effective ingredients used in their formulas shows positive effect for both beginners and seasoned lifters. If you have not taking the opportunity to try Crazy Mass then we would highly recommend you do so! If you would like to send us your reviews and testimonials then please do so here.

Crazy Mass Review

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