Foods Every Serious Bodybuilder Should Make Use Of!

All the popular bodybuilding and power lifting websites have list articles. Problem with those sites come twofold: one, they are usually trying to sell you something. Two, what they are saying you need are supplements. I hate that, so instead I’m going to tell you what foods you can use to build more muscle. This will not only save you more money, but it’s a lot better for you than chemicals in powder form.

Potatoes, Potatoes and More Potatoes!!

Potatoes are a great muscle building food. For starters, potatoes have a great complex carbohydrate profile, as do most starches. Cooked well enough, and loaded with butter and bacon, potatoes pack a big punch in the world of muscle building.

Coconut And Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is talked more about in the fat loss community, it serves its purpose in the muscle building community as well. Coconut oil is compromised of mostly lauric acid. This is great for killing bad bacteria in your gut. The less bad bacteria you have, the more good bacteria you have to promote muscle building. When your body is sick, it doesn’t want to build. Put some coconut oil in your diet, a tablespoon a day is fine, to help promote more building and less stress from fighting off infections!

Red Meat – Strength Boosting Properties

It’s really no secret that red meat is looked at as a muscle building food. But with the advent of saturated fat scares in the last 30 years, people have drifted more toward lean meats like chicken, salmon, and other seafood. Red meat has a high concentration of creatine. If you are someone who lifts a lot, you have probably heard of creatine. Creatine provides a high concentration of ATP (the main source of energy throughout the whole body), so having more of it has been shown to help you lift more. Think of it as a natural strength boost for when you want to get that last rep in.

Quinoa – Powerful Grain High In Protein!

The common perception of quinoa is that it is a health food or healthy rice if you will. While it is true that quinoa is simply a grain grown primarily in the Andes, it has a much higher content of protein than most grains. Sitting at 9 grams of protein per serving, it has the most protein per gram of grain out there while still having a good fiber content and overall healthy carbohydrate profile. Combine this with a healthy serving of your choice of meat, and you have a muscle building meal of the gods!

Cottage Cheese – Very High Protein!!

If you aren’t a fan of dairy, hear me out. This might actually make you want to try this (if you can’t handle dairy though, totally understandable). Cottage cheese is the least tasty dairy products out there, but man does it have “builds muscle when consumed” written all over it. With a well-balanced macro nutrient profile, cottage cheese throws a 1-2-3 punch of muscle building power. High protein per serving, low enough carbs for most low carbers, and a good amount of fat to keep you full longer.

But what is the secret to getting it to not taste like old milk: Protein powder. If you own one, trust me. Its like dessert but packed with protein. You can thank me after that first bite. There are obviously many other foods that can be fitting for this list. I chose these because I haven’t seen these spammed over the internet yet, and fresh stuff is always better. Get strong my friends!

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