HGH.com General Products And Website Review

HGH.com are known for their “safe, natural and legal” bodybuilding and weight loss products. Claimed to do its research, offer the best ingredients and provide an elite service to its many customers. The only problem with this statement is it’s pretty hard to quantify that. Let’s take a look about what we know of HGH.com is this review of their line of many bodybuilding, weight loss and sport supplements.

About HGH.com

Based in Boston, HGH is known for providing a range of supplements and solutions for various progressive reasons. However, one thing we did find when looking around was that their official website makes some claims that simply cannot be backed up.

We looked at one claim in particular – “we are the 4th fastest growing private firm in New York and New Jersey!” Sadly, there is no proof or verification for such a claim – there’s nothing that stands out on their side, or third party pages, that can offer anything like a verification for such a claim.

One of the key parts of any review that we carry out is always looking at the legitimacy of any claims made on an official website. For us, it’s one of the hallmarks of a business that you can trust – do they really give you the kind of help that they claim? If not, why not?

However, we do have to say that at present HGH does hold a B+ Better Business Bureau rating. That’s by no means the worst for a company in such a contentious and demanding market.

HGH.com’s Range Of Supplements

  1. Bodybuilding Products – These range from mass gainers, cutting, growth and bulking agents plus many more.
  2. Focus And Memory support – Supplements to help mental focus, concentration and memory.
  3. Weight Loss – Both fat burning and appetite suppression supplements
  4. Other type of supplements include: boosting immune system, testosterone, energy and many more!

Is HGH.com A Legitimate Company?

That being said, though, HGH also do have a rather worrying problem: in three years, HGH has never once been able to showcase any claims that helps to justify that rating. Apparently, the BBB asked HGH to offer substance for some of the claims that they make on that official page of theirs. Worrying, not a single response was provided from the firm. We always take a look at such indiscretions and rule that, in general, this is not a good sign.

So, what is HGH actually providing? They provide what is known as Human Growth Hormone. A natural substance that our pituitary gland in the brain needs to help develop our bodies, it allows for improved muscle mass, greater immune system protection, higher calcium retention rates and better overall quality of life.

As we age, our bodies cannot produce HGH.com at the same rates and people then turn to programs such as HGH.com to try and alleviate that problem. They sell many different products, with Somatropinne HGH apparently the top of the list.

They do, though, meet FDA regulation and also claim to have been around for 18 years manufacturing with success. Given they formed 9 years ago, HGH.com are still a favourable option among users.

Customer Approval for HGH.com

Overall, the customer verdict of such products is generally mixed. While HGH.com provides a wide array of products for everything from bodybuilding to breast management products, there’s not much evidence to support overall effectiveness. Out of all the products we’ve looked at in this topic, HGH.com products tend to have very little information.

The main problem for us is that the HGH (human growth hormone) industry is very murky in the first place. Many products that are on the HGH.com list are found to be less than impressive. They usually are incapable of living up to the claims to make us grow taller, see anatomic improvements downstairs, or just about any of the claims that we would see on a typical HGH product. Since they sell many of these products, it puts a lot of their verification into doubt for us.

Most of the companies’ supplements are very expensive just to see what you think as most are way over the $100 mark, most in excess of around $200! With no scientific evidence to fall back on, HGH.com products are struggling to stand up to any scrutiny!

Conclusion Of HGH.com

Indeed, we would be very uncertain about suggesting that you go and try out their services. Not only are there very few complaints about the company, but positive comments are quite thin on the ground at the same time.

So, it’s hard to give any kind of positive verification of the kind of product that you are getting when it comes to picking up any HGH.com product. We would advise caution when it comes to HGH.com!

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