How to Lose Fat and Keep Muscle While Cutting

One of the hardest things to bodybuilding or powerlifting is the cutting and shredding. When you’re on a bulk the body feels great and eating large amounts of food can seem like the best thing in the world. At least for me it is, although I have heard of mythical creatures who have a hard time eating a lot and gaining weight. I wish I had THOSE genetics.

After completing a nice 10-15 pound bulk, I look in the mirror and think, I must have done something wrong! Because I see added strength in the gym but the mirror is telling me that I am not looking good. At this point, I think that it’s time for a good old-fashioned cutting routine. Now the hardest thing is to get started. It’s tempting to convince yourself in front of the mirror that you look okay and should continue bulking. Deep down you knows it’s time.</span>

How to Lose Fat and Keep Muscle While Cutting

That first week on a cut, I usually start eating around maintenance to get my body used to it. Going from a 400 calorie surplus to a -500 calorie deficit makes me feel terrible. So I would say one trick is to eat at maintenance during the switch, kind of like a transition sentence those pointless high school essays made you use. At around 500 calories of a deficit, I usually go to sleep feeling a little hungry every night, but telling myself it’s worth the hunger usually gets me through it. I have figured out some tricks to keep myself feeling fuller and maintaining more muscle mass on my bulks.

Make Sure To Eat Proteins

The first step is to make sure you are getting your proteins. Even if you are getting 1 gram of protein per lb of weight, consider upping it even more. Eat more whole foods and eat the least amount of processed foods as possible, those calories don’t do squat (pun intended) in making you feel full. Just think about it this way, does those 3 eggs at 70 calories each make you feel more full than a small snack sized bag of lay’s chips? Protein is proven to make you feel fuller for a longer time so stick to that. After a good portioning of protein, get your other macros in the form of veggies. A cup of okra contains 33 calories, and that can keep you going far longer than those delicious potato chips from hell.

Mistakes When Cutting Muscle Mass

The biggest mistake people make when cutting is trying to stick to a very low calorie diet. Not only does this make it hard to stick to, but it also keeps your body in a mode where every bit of savable calories are turned into fat for storage. Consider keep the calorie deficit around 500 calories to keep the body from going into starvation mode. This will help with hunger.

Follow this advice and I guarantee that the next cut you go on will be filed with less hunger pains and more muscle mass than any of your previous cuts. Thanks for reading How to Lose Fat .

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