How To Get Healthier And Lose Weight

In this article, you will discover Steps to Getting Healthy. We’ve all been their before. We want to get fit but there is so much information out there that you have no idea how to start. Some people suggest that you do cardio everyday and others says you should go to the gym because you burn more calories doing squats. Other’s say dead lifts and squats will make your waist thicker. With all this information out there, it’s hard to get a grasp of how to start. So I say lets just go with small baby steps.

Steps to Getting Fitter

The first baby step I would take is to start doing research in the realm of nutrition. If there is one thing that almost every fitness fanatic believes in, (unless they’re a high metabolism freak of nature) is that your body is shaped and made in the kitchen. Take that into perspective. A human can lose weight without lifting a single piece of iron if you eat properly. You can also work out heavy everyday and see no results if you don’t do justice in the kitchen.

So what should you do in the kitchen to get started on the right path of fitness?

This is where fitness fanatics will again tell people to shop at whole foods and only eat organic. In reality I believe that the first step is to count calories. I KNOW, I KNOW this sounds like a horrible thing to do, but I am only asking for about 2-3 days of calorie counting. This should give you an idea of how much you’re eating a day. Think about your ideal goal, and you can decide from there if you want to add more or reduce calories.

After figuring out if you need to eat less or more, keep a mental note of what foods you like to eat and about how many calories it has, so you can keep a mental estimate in your head of around how many calories you’ve had for the day. That first step will keep you conscious in your efforts of reducing or adding calories.

Eating From The Ground Or An Animal

After looking at how many calories you’re eating everyday, consider where those calories come from. Are you eating Jack in the Box and frozen dinners every night? Although more effort is needed to cook, there are many simple recipes to follow that will give you a good meal with minimal time investment. Many think that shopping for produce and fresh foods is expensive, but as long as you don’t care for organic the price difference between eating frozen dinners and take out won’t be much different. Essentially, this can be wrapped around the rule that everything you eat comes from the ground or an animal, and isn’t processed along the way. Eat less stuff out of boxes and you will be healthier than ever before.

*Quick tip: Try getting produce in season at the local farmer’s market, some things like apples have been in the grocery store longer than you can imagine. The Guardian shows some average fruit storage times.

Eating healthy before starting to work out will give increased motivation since you will feel good, and be healthier by all the good eating habits. This is without lifting a single piece of iron or running one mile. After you get the hang of eating right, I would suggest that you consider going to the gym, but once you start going, make sure to set a routine that falls in place with a schedule. This means going to the gym at the same time everyday. Not only does routine make it easier to continue hitting the gym when is gets monotone, but people who see a fellow gym-goer every time will eventually be a useful friend in the gym to help with spotting and advice (take it with a grain of salt) to help develop good form.

Summing Up On How To Get Healthier

After getting the hang of eating slightly less everyday, I would then suggest getting into studying macros, and adding for fruits and veggies to every plate. A simple rule to follow would be to add more color to your plate. (Don’t lie to yourself that the artery clogging pizza on your desk is a colorful food. I mean it IS tomato sauce right?:) )

So to cover, the small steps to take is to count calories for a little while, eat less processed food, and add color to your plate. This will put a strong steel foundation to becoming a healthy and fit person. Thanks for reading our Steps to Getting Healthy.

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