Leptigen Review – Scientifically Proven Ingredients?

Leptigen is promoted to help you effectively lose weight using a naturally safe and respected weight loss supplements. Like so many others before it, Leptigen claims to be capable of releasing stored fats through a process called fat burning!

Our Leptigen review will explain to you how it delivers results and is it a safer alternative than other supplements claiming to achieve results similar to Leptigen. When we review any type of supplement we take into account:

  1. Side effects associated with ingredients, but also customer testimonials for any adverse reactions.
  2. Clinical evidence and medical opinions concerning the ingredient added to the formula
  3. When evaluating the effectiveness of a specific product we use both customer testimonials and clinical evidence to come to a conclusion about effectiveness.

What Are The Claims Of Leptigen

Burns fat levels through an improved rate of metabolism. Leptigen works throughout the day making your body burn fat. Added to these effects are claims of improved energy when digesting this supplement.

  • Enhanced weight loss through a process called fat burning.
  • Naturally extracted ingredient from plants and fruits.
  • Only using scientifically proven researched ingredients.

As directed by Leptigen you take 2 tablets per day, 20 minutes before consuming a meal. As soon as you take your first supplement Leptigen gets straight to work burning fat, increasing your metabolism and boosting levels of energy. Another claims made by the Leptigen brand is that they base all their claims and ingredients on scientific research and medical proof.

Leptigen Weight Loss Formula

Listed below are the full list of ingredients Leptigen have used in their weight loss formula. Each point below includes volumes, external links to clinical trials and evidence associated with each ingredient.

  • Green Tea Extract 200 milligrams. Containing B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and caffeine. Evidence suggests that green tea does offer mild anti oxidant properties, improved focus and better energy. A documented clinical study found that green tea does not offer any noticeable weight loss properties.
  • Meratrim 400 milligrams. Consisting of plant and fruit based extracts Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus. Research suggests that Meratrim can be effective at fighting fat cells. Although these tests were carried out by adding Meratrim to fat cells in a laboratory environment.
  • Chromium 100 micrograms. Studies carried out suggest that Chromium is not effective for weight loss. But does offer other benefits such as reducing lipid levels.
  • Natural Caffeine USP 75 milligrams. Most people know that caffeine effects energy and focus. But  caffeine is also associated with side effects such as migraines and dizziness.

After looking through the evidence and researching every ingredient used in Leptigens formula. We found that Leptigen cannot  claim to offer definitive weight loss properties. Yes you get improved in energy levels but any weight loss properties cannot be medically confirmed.

Side Effects Associated With Use Of Leptigen

Leptigen comes with some health associated with the high dosage of caffeine used in their formula. If you are intolerant to caffeine you should avoid Leptigen altogether. If you are pregnant of breast feeding then the same applies and should not be consumed. Side effects vary from dizziness, insomnia, stomach pains and dizziness.

Leptigens Refund Policy And Delivery

Although Leptigen do offer up to 120 days money back guarantee, there policy explains that the supplement must be mostly intact. In other words if you take to many before realizing that this weight loss supplement is not for you should forget about the refund policy!

What Real Testimonials are saying About Leptigen

It does not look positive. Testimonials are mostly negative with reports of a wide variety of side effects. Customers of Leptigen have also mentioned that when they did phone for a refund their customer service were not very helpful!

Final Leptigen Review

Are you able to lose weight with Leptigen? Considering their ingredient formula, customer reviews and medical evidence we would suggest that Leptigen cannot guarantee any type of weight loss. Because of our findings we cannot endorse this weight loss supplement and would advise dieters to seek another alternative to the Leptigen brand!

Leptigen Review

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