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Megadrox claims to have produced an all round bodybuilding and performance boosting supplement. With claims that their product has the ability to improve testosterone and the rate of muscle growth. The manufacturers of this supplement have boasted of remarkable results when accompanied by a healthy diet plan and exercise.

We all know there are many supplements to claim “the top spot” and offer the ultimate results. So within this Megadrox review we will reveal to you if we belive this product can live up to the claims being made!

Marketed as a performance enhancer, Megadrox claims to boost results at home and down the gym. Most men know that testosterone reduces over time and has a negative effect on your bodies performance. This reduced level of testosterone reduces the bodies ability to grow muscle and performance levels.

Megadrox Claims And Performance

Megadrox claims to turn this effect round, while considerably boost your bodies level of testosterone. But that’s not all, Megadrox also claims it can improve muscle growth by over 30%. This is because it improves muscle growth, focus while reducing your fat levels. All this can be achieved within a 90 day period and that’s a guarantee made by Megadrox!

Making claims is all well and good, but being able to back up the claims and prove to potential users that you have formulated a product that works is key! Megadrox testimonials from users is a great way to understand if a product is going to really deliver results. That is why we have listed a sample of customer feedback we have received:

User reviews Of Megadrox

Been using Megadrox for a few months now and found it to offer some improvements in my muscle growth and stamina. It was not the best supplement for me and will not be using again, Minoe.

Totally unrealistic claims, not at all happy. Especially experiencing some awful stomach cramps and pains continuously. I will not use again and advise others to avoid, Marc.

Ingredients Used In Megadrox

Here is the full run down of ingredients Megadrox have used to formulate their enhancement supplement:

  1. L-Arginine HCL – Improves your bodies blood flow and increases your levels of nitric oxide, which increases oxygen distribution. Clinical evidence is positive for this ingredient and is confirmed in many different independent clinical trials.
  2. Maca Root – Contains many amino acids that does offer great benefits to muscle growth, endurance and stamina. But clinical evidence for Macca Root as an ingredient is inconclusive.
  3. Horny Goats Weed – A unique ingredient and does seem to have some backing for libido and reduced fatigue. Clinical trials are positive and does show signs of improving ED.
  4. Tribulus Terrestris – Has not been proven effective and needs more test carried out to be capable of increasing testosterone.
  5. Yohimbe – Has clinical evidence and proven to help with increased adrenaline and energy levels.

All the ingredients Megadrox have used to formulate their product is promising, although some ingredient used inconclusive. More testing and solid clinical trials are needed to assure users of their effects.

Side Effects Caused By Megadrox

Some of the ingredients used in the Megadrox formula have medical warnings especially horny goats weeds. Users are advised not to use this ingredient over longer periods of time due to nose bleeds, dizziness and vomiting. Apart from these health warnings, user reviews have not reported experiencing anything above.

Final Opinion Of Megadrox

After receiving and reading many Megadrox reviews and clinical evidence we think Megadrox is not the best. Although it does show some positive signs for users who suffer from performance problems. User reviews and clinical evidence prove can be effective for erectile dysfunction and performance issues.

Side effects are a concern for us, especially if you are planning on using Megadrox for the full 5 months period, recommended by Megadrox. Because this may cause side effects due to many medical resources advising against the use of horny goats weed, we would advise against it.

Our advise would be to try another supplement for your bodybuilding gains and stamina. If you are after a product to improve performance at home then you should try Megadrox with caution and do not exceed a 2 month period.

Megadrox Review

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