Muscle Rev Xtreme Review – Testimonials And Warnings!

Muscle Rev Xtreme is another bodybuilding supplement that claims to boost every aspect of your bodybuilding journey. With so many companies jumping on the legal steroid and enhancement market making claims about their products to be the best. Muscle Rev Xtreme is no different claiming to be able to achieve some impressive results in no time at all!

What Muscle Rev Xtreme does well is promote their product in the correct way to attract new comers and intermediate bodybuilders. They do this with a free offer, super charged workouts and claims of extreme gains.

This review will investigate these claims of increased workout rates, bigger gains and free offers. Many companies use this trick and offer a free trial of their product. But the catch is they bill your credit card at the end of a 14 day offer and some even continue doing so each month.

What Does Muscle Rev Xtreme Claim To Achieve?

Like we said before with a popular market and increased exposure companies tend to boast or hype up their products abilities. Muscle Rev Xtreme claims their formula will increase growth, stamina, libido and strength. These claims all sound great to the novice bodybuilders but experienced users know that most bodybuilding products out their tend to not step up to the plate in the way of expected results.

Ingredients Used In The Formula

Using a small list of ingredients that have some positive backing to help bodybuilders. But not really in the way of a really good list of ingredients we know will increase growth and rate of workouts.

  1. L-Citrulline – Converted into an amino acid when consumed, this ingredient helps blood flow and is known to produce some form of increased libido.
  2. L-Norvaline – Does have some backing and research to suggest this amino acid can help muscle growth and is used in many pre workout supplements.
  3. Coenzyme Q-10 – Is used in many different supplements generally used as an antioxidant. Results and clinical trials are inconclusive for any type of increased performance.

Although some of the increased which are listed above show some form of improved blood flow and increased muscle growth. They are not rock solid due to inconclusive results in some trials and small possibility in others.

Side Effects Caused By Muscle Rev Xtreme

Based on customer reviews and medical warnings relating to the ingredients does cause for some concerns. from the long list of minor side effects there are some that users should be aware of before buying or even trying Muscle Rev Xtreme. Side effects reported are as follows:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Headache and dizziness issues
  • Vomiting, sickness and diarrhoea

Muscle Rev Xtreme User reviews

Me and my gym partner found it never increased our performance before and during my workout. I found that side effects were a very real concern and I suffered from vomiting and stomach pains. These side effects were so bad that I could not continue with my workout.

Final Review And Ratings

After investigating all Muscle Rev Xtreme reviews associated with this supplement. We advise all potential users to stay well clear and also avoid any associated products. Even the free trial turns out you pay after an initial 14 day period and do not actually get anything free, its more like a delayed credit card payment. This will also continue month after month or until you cancel your subscription.

None of the ingredients have conclusive proof or medical evidence they can helps bodybuilders with growth or strength levels. Added to this side effects are also a big concern with many users reporting to receive side effects and low expectations.

Muscle Rev Xtreme Review

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