Nugenix Review – Better Testosterone Levels?

The Nugenix supplement claims their unique formula is successful and can improve your levels of free testosterone. Bodybuilders and most middle aged men know that increasing your levels of available testosterone will enhance levels of performance, muscle growth and stamina.

These benefits are especially favoured among bodybuilders because they gain muscle mass and strength at a much quicker pace. Nugenix is also targeting men over 35 due to their testosterone levels significantly becoming low! This is most noticeable in libido, weight gain and reduced strength levels.

Therefore, reversing the effects of low testosterone will have the opposite effect on libido, strength and muscle growth. Our Nugenix review will be revealing how and if this t-booster supplement actually has an effect on testosterone. We have carefully evaluated the ingredients and listed any severe or even minor side effects.

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix claims to sell a naturally boosting testosterone supplement which is formulated and sold by a company called GNC. GNC have a wide variety of supplements and a long history of producing supplements for both performance and testosterone. Their products are generally successful and very well known within the industry. This is because they have been active in the supplement industry for many years!

Benefits of using This T-Booster

Benefits of using this supplement is ultimately to improve testosterone levels. We all know that men over 35 start losing their testosterone levels at a rate of 1/2% a year. Using Nugenix is claimed to turn these statistics around for the better IN A MATTER OF WEEKS!. Therefore, improving metabolism, weight issues, strength and muscle gains!

Ingredients Used In Nugenix

Here is the full list of ingredients used in the formula. Each ingredient listed below has been researched for clinical evidence and effects on your testosterone. Ingredients are a great way to evaluate if a supplement can live up to expectations and manufacturers claims.

  • Zinc – Used to break down proteins while improving your immune system. Zinc is needed for a healthy level of testosterone clinical results. But does not actually improve levels, but plays a more of a supportive role!
  • Vitamin B6 and B12 – Important for your bodies general health and is beneficial for blood flow and the production blood cells.
  • L-citrulline – Non essential amino acid that improves blood flow. Studies show that consuming L-citrulline increase your bodies production of nitric oxide. L-citruline trials shows some positive effects on erectile dysfunction, but more studies need to be carried out.
  • Testofen – Has mixed research on increasing testosterone, medical journals suggest more investigation is needed.
  • Tribulus TerrestrisClinical evidence is negative with more studies being carried out.

Some of the ingredients above show medical evidence of testosterone boosting, but far from conclusive! ALso remember that this supplement contains gelatine which is not Ok for vegans or vegetarians!

Side Effects Caused By Nugenix

Nugenix does have an unusual long list of side effects compared to other supplements on the market. The list of side effects caused by this testosterone booster are as follows:

  1. Stomach aches, cramps and abdominal pains
  2. Headaches, dizziness and vomiting
  3. Constipation, diarrhoea and flatulence

For users who do not suffer from any underlying health complications, Nugenix is a fairly safe product. If you do suffer from any health conditions then we advise you to consult a health professional before use.

User Testimonials

I am 45 and wanted to increase my testosterone levels for obvious reasons. The first few days were fine, but over the next week I experienced stomach cramps and vomiting. Continuing using Nugenix I found that side effects had relieved but nothing much in the way of better libido or energy! Martin M.

Overall Opinion And Rating

Nugenix has some small evidence to back up their claims of increasing a users testosterone. Reviews are very mixed with some claiming to have experienced better libido and performance than others. Our final opinion on the Nugenix brand is that its a mediocre product. Be wary of the side effects because they can become very uncomfortable!

Nugenix Review

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