Prime Male Reviews – Good or Bad Testosterone Booster?

Once you have finished reading this Prime Male review you will know if this is a product you would consider using. We will be revealing to you if Prime Male is an effective and safe option to encourage better levels of testosterone. We all know testosterone levels can improve muscle growth, stamina and energy levels, or you would not be here!

Prime Male claims to have created this 100% natural product to boost testosterone levels for both bodybuilders and users who believe they suffer from low testosterone. If you want to increase growth, stamina, strength or even libido then Prime male claims this is a product for you to use!

What Is Prime Male And How Does It Work?

Its formula was created to increase your levels of testosterone in the safest and most natural way possible. The supplement contains a natural list of ingredients, which we believe is always great start to a safe product.

Formulated with a long list of extracted ingredients, Prime Male boasts to be the ultimate experience. Its ingredient list goes above and beyond what many leading testosterone boosters have to offer. It does seem a bit of an over kill with so many of the ingredients offering the exact same effects.


  1. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – Stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone which increases testosterone levels.
  2. Asian Red Ginseng – Claimed to be an ancient remedy for improved libido.
  3. Luteolin – Helps reduce estrogen which decreases testosterone.
  4. Boron – Another ingredient to reduce estrogen and improve free testosterone.
  5. Vitamin D3 – Received from the sun, D3 is a key ingredient for health and testosterone production
  6. K2 – Apparently a natural testosterone booster with not much evidence of this.
  7. B6 – Improves Androgen levels which gives us that manly appearance.
  8. Magnesium – Helps reduce SHBG levels which helps your body create estrogen which uses testosterone.
  9. Nettle Root Extract – Claimed to enhance hormones and testosterone.

Nettle Root Extract and D-Aspartic Acid is a common ingredient used to create a wide variety of bodybuilding supplements. They have proved to be positive in medical trials and can have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Clinical Evidence: All other ingredients listed in this supplement lack any conclusive evidence to be able to boost levels of testosterone!

How to Use Prime Male

One capsule needs to be taken four times a day. Manufacturers have issued strict instructions not take take these supplements on an empty stomach. Taking this supplement on an empty stomach can cause stomach upsets and reduce its overall effects on your testosterone levels.

The Supplement needs to be taken with a meal or snack to benefit from the effects of this product. As revealed in many Prime Male reviews, four tablets are a lot to consume in one day from the feedback we have received.

User Reviews and Scientific Studies

Prime Male does not have many positive reviews that claim significant results like many other brands. However, there is still more positive reviews than negative ones. It’s a bit difficult to find conclusive scientific studies on the product itself but many of the ingredients it contains have been studied in great depth. Apart from Nettle Root Extract and D-Aspartic Acid evidence is not conclusive in proving that these ingredients can increase testosterone.

After six months of religiously using I found it to offer nothing in the way of “better testosterone levels”, Vince.

Prime Male seems to have helped me increase my levels of testosterone. I feel that taking 4 pills a day is a bit extreme. I would also like to add to my Prime Male review that I did suffer some minor stomach cramps. Prime Male is an OK product that helped my performance over the few months of using it, Dave.

Reported Side Effects

Side effects can be severe especially if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in their formula. With the most common side effects ranging from stomach aches, sickness to diarrhoea. Every user is different and supplements can effect their digestive systems differently, if you have a health condition then inquire with your doctor before you start using this product.

Final Opinion And Rating

We feel the list of ingredients Prime Male have made use of in their formula lack any solid clinical evidence! Therefore, in spite of a lack of research, testimonials are still more positive than they are negative.

Finally, if you are looking for a pure testosterone booster then Prime Male would not be our first choice. If you want a wider range of benefits then look for a product that has more proven ingredients to back up their claims. On this occasion we will not be recommending this supplement to our users until more evidence come to light, we suggest you leave this supplements in the cupboard!

Prime Male Review

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