Ripped Muscle X Review – Not So Great Supplement!

Ripped Muscle X is another bodybuilding supplements claiming to accelerate your level of muscle growth. Primarily a fat burner, this supplement claims their unique fat burner will help you gain that chiselled look. However, while some supplements delivering exactly as advertised, others do not!

Let’s take a closer look at Ripped Muscle X in this detailed review and find out if all of these claims add up. You will find individual ingredients and their effects on your body, side effects, user feedback and general ratings. This way you can make a decision on whether to use the Ripped Muscle X brand fat burner or not?

Ingredients Of Ripped Muscle X

Ripped Muscle X has changed its ingredients several, so it’s a bit difficult to find out what the exact combination of ingredient actually are. However, from what we have been able to gather, the ingredients included in the formula are as listed below. The fact that they have changed their formula several times isn’t necessarily a “red flag” but it does make you wonder why!

  1. L-Arginine – Helps blood flow and can have positive effects on your performance because of this.
  2. Amino Acids – Essential ingredient all bodybuilding supplements should include.
  3. Creatine MagnaPower – Powerful nutrient that helps muscle growth.
  4. L-Citrulline – Improves levels of nitric oxide that help muscle repair.
  5. Glutamine – Another amino acid that has many health and muscle benefits.

Creatine has been proven as an effective ingredient in supplements that help you gain strength and add lean muscle mass. How Creatine works is fairly straightforward, as it increases your body’s ability to produce higher energy levels. If you have more energy allowing you to do more during your workout then it will rapidly help results.

The rest of the ingredients included in this supplement are essential amino acids in one form or another. Amino acids play an important role as through building proteins, this then leads to building stronger muscle tissue.

While it would be nice to know the exact volumes that make up of this formula, the included ingredients are very common in other supplements. Although they do help stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue and boost performance, there is nothing included that would act as a fat burner!

Benefits Of Using Ripped Muscle X

The ingredients used can develop lean muscle mass and help you workout for longer periods, while offering reduced recovery times. In fact, there have been a few studies that monitored the progress of ingredients used in this formula. Results vary so more research will be needed for conclusive results.

Side Effects of Ripped Muscle X

With all supplements you should always be aware of the potential for side effects. There can be two types of side effects to be aware of. The first side effects that are often associated with a particular ingredient contained within a supplement. Generally, there are no side effects associated with Creatine or Essential Amino Acids. So it is easy to classify this supplement as generally safe to use.

But just because a supplement has natural ingredients and is safe for most people doesn’t always mean it is safe for you! Due to personnel circumstances users must be cautious with using certain products, if you suffer from any underlying medical condition then always check with a doctor.

Final review And Rating

Looking at the ingredients and Ripped Muscle X testimonials, it’s easy to understand and see that the supplement utilizes common bodybuilding ingredients. That part of this supplement makes us comfortable in the fact it is effective and can provide some benefits.

However, another part of this supplement makes us just a little uncomfortable. The fact that the ingredients have changed several times and the company offers no explanation and no clarity is troubling.

It would be nice to know the reasoning behind this and also the exact volumes of ingredients Ripped Muscle X use. Additionally, the website now says they only accept orders already registered users and not allowing new users to order.

This again creates a big question mark in our minds. While the supplement appears to be effective, we need some type of clarification from the manufacturer before we approve it.

Ripped Muscle X Review

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