SeroVital HGH Review – Anti Ageing And More!

SeroVital HGH is a blend of naturally concentrated amino acids that claim to enhance your levels of HGH (human growth hormone). This widely used ingredient is claimed to reduce the effects of ageing and capable of turning back the years! Although this anti ageing product sounds great, is it just another gimmick supplement created to make you cough up funds every month?

In this review of the ever popular SeroVital HGH oral drops we will be taking an in-depth look into the working of this product. While revealing revealing to you customer testimonials, analysis of the ingredients and finally our overall opinion of this ever increasingly popular product!

What Does SeroVital HGH Claim To Achieve?

By using their unique blend of different ingredients, SeroVital HGH promises to help your body turn back the hands of time. By using the oral drops you receive benefits such as:

  1. Better quality of skin with a healthier glow
  2. Improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles and elasticity
  3. Better growth of muscle mass
  4. Reduction in fat levels
  5. Better energy levels and increased focus
  6. Added to all these effects above you top it off with better libido and sex drive!

Main Ingredients Used In This Formula

To make the many effects above a reality, SeroVital HGH have incorporated a unique blend of six individual ingredients. These are listed below and have references for your own investigation.

  1. Schizonepeta – Is widely used for its medicinal purposes to treat the common cold, skin irritations and eczema. Although officially there is insufficient evidence for this.
  2. L-arginine HCL – Used in many clinical studies because of its ability to improve nitric oxide levels within the blood. This non essential amino acid offers minimal clinical evidence for erectile dysfunction. But is proven to improve nitric oxide for a variety of health benefits such as improving cardiovascular disease.
  3. Oxo-proline – Another amino acid commonly used for dry skin and expensive hair shampoos.
  4. L-lysine HCL – Amino acid known to help reduce the effects of the herpes simplex virus.
  5. L-glutamine – Amino acid know to improve performance both physically and mentally.
  6. N-Acetyl Cysteine – Protects your liver and is used for paracetamol over doses due to its ability to flush the liver of toxins.

SeroVital HGH claims that the ingredients listed above will increase the levels of HGH within your body. This then leads to the many claims made by the product in question. They also go on to claim that this concoction of ingredients are just as capable as HGH injections administered in your local doctors surgery!

What Is The Human Growth Hormone

The HGH hormone is naturally released into your body when you sleep and controlled by your pituitary gland. It’s responsible for many different bodily functions such as:

  1. Bone and muscle growth rates
  2. Metabolism levels which controls weight levels
  3. Skin cells and their ability to regenerate quicker

As we all grow older the level of this hormone diminishes and we lose the ability to produce more. This results in the negative effects of the bodily functions above.

Side Effects Associated With SeroVital HGH?

Because the ingredients used in this supplement are from natural sources any side effects are low or no existent. Although users may find they experience mild stomach aches after the first few uses. We always advice our readers to consult a doctor before deciding to use any supplement reviewed on our website.

Can SeroVital Increase Your Levels Of HGH?

SeroVital HGH have conducted their own study which claims to achieve results based on their formula. Both men and women have experienced an improvement in their levels of HGH within 24 hours! Although this sounds very convenient for the promoting company. We cannot seem to find these official studies or anything associated with improving HGH levels associated with the ingredients used in the SeroVital HGH formula!

Does Any Ingredient Used Have A connection With HGH Levels?

We then examined each ingredient and researched them thoroughly to see if there was any connection with the HGH hormone. Our results were not positive and we cannot guarantee you will receive the benefits claimed by SeroVital HGH.

What Is The Cost Of SeroVital HGH?

A full months supply of SeroVital HGH will set you back $99 including shipping and handling fees at $6.90. But it gets better, when you enter your credit card details you are automatically signed up for monthly deliveries and a huge discount. That means that each month your credit card will be charge $99 with a 15% discount.  To receive a refund you must return the product before the 30 day period ends.

Final Review Of SeroVital HGH

We are sorry to say that SeroVital HGH is NOT the fountain of youth! You will be hard pushed to receive any of the benefits claimed on their official website. Although you can expect to receive a some health benefits when using this supplement such as better liver function and maybe some improvement in your complexion. A reduction in ageing of the skin, increased muscle mass or weight loss will not be one of the benefits achieved!

SeroVital HGH Review

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