Should You Workout When Your Sick?

Imagine this: You’ve been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week consistently for 2 months, and then bam! A cold breaks through your perfect nutrition and diet. It’s not the kind that puts your ass into bed permanently, but maybe you have a headache and a sore throat. A cough that starts as you want to hit the gym immediately. So in this scenario, should you hit the gym or not? You want to get stronger and don’t want to sit in bed for a week.

Well here is exactly what you should do and why. Obviously if you have a fever, it’s not a question, stay at home and get better. But if you’re well enough to be reading this online, it may be hard to decide if it’s worth going to the gym. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

In this scenario I’m going to assume you’re following a strong diet and workout consistently. If not, it probably doesn’t matter and you might as well go workout. But after a couple months of hitting every workout day without missing, I would consider taking a week off.

Are You At Peak Performance Levels?

The first reason is that health is the ultimate goal. The whole reason you take in so much nutrients and protein is to get yourself at the ultimate level of increasing gains. If you are sick, your body is not functioning at peak performance. This means that your immune system is fighting a virus, so tearing down your muscle fibers might result in just that, tearing them down. Your body might not prioritise the muscle fibers in which case recovery will be slow or extremely inefficient.

The second reason is that your body has been functioning for a long time and taking a week off can actually help your power lifting/bodybuilding progress overall. So kill 2 birds with one stone and take a week off while you’re sick.

Don’t Infect Other lifters!

Another good reason is to help out your fellow gym goers. No one wants to use equipment after a coughing, sneezing, nose drizzling guy just wiped his boogers on the bar. Don’t make other gym goers suffer as a result of your “dedication”, how would you like getting sick because someone decided to stick it out to benefit themselves?

So If you’re sick, think about others, giving your body a break and using a week as a healing period to be at ultimate muscle growth the next week when you’re raring to go back in!

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