How To Stick To A Diet Plan

Trying to stay on a diet is one of the hardest things that humans do. It hard to stick to something as long term as a diet when we are used to such instant results from things like google and the promise for use to be able use a pill to achieve the same results. So after years of trying fad diets and finally getting a good diet down that was possible for me to actually achieve, here are my top 5 tips on how to stick to a good diet.

5 Steps on Sticking to a Diet

#1 Planning your diet plan.The first and most crucial step is meal planning. I would make a list of exactly what I needed to buy for a week, go to the grocery store and only buy the items on that list. I might include some snacks for a cheat day once in awhile but other than that stick to the list. Make sure to include foods that fit the budget but actually enjoy eating. If not, getting sick of your diet will make you want to quit.

#2 Mix it up a bit. If there is a time of the week that has an open couple of hours, I seriously recommend making a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. Maybe not for every meal, but a solid 10 meals with good portions. The trick is not to make 10 of the same meals. Cook 2 different types of meats, 2 different carbs and 3 different veggies. Now mix and match and you basically have a different meal each time. If you need more ideas for this, look Here

#3 Have a Day Off. Give yourself a day off your diet each week to get in some cheat snacks. The way to not overdo it is to select a day of the week that you plan on cheating. Sunday’s work well for me for instance. Then have a planned item that you have been craving and eat no more than 500 calories of it. Don’t gorge yourself on a tub of ice cream, keep it moderate so you don’t have a 5,000 calorie day.

#4 Remember Proteins. I really believe in eating your macros, but I think it’s easier to think of it as eating your weekly macros. Make sure you get in your protein daily, but keep the other things varied. Have less carbs on workout days until after a workout, and keep non workout days varied with high carbs lower fat and higher fat and low carbs. This helps keep your diet seem more varied even when using the same foods.

#5 Think about your goals. This seems kinds of obvious but just sit and think about your goal. Really think about it and what you wish to accomplish. Imagine you’re sitting in front of your mirror and think about what you will look like after you accomplish your goals. This will help when that delicious french fry tempts you to join the dark side.

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