SuperBeets Review – Increased Nitric oxide Levels And Health Benefits!

Our review on SuperBeets will analysis the potential health benefits of this highly concentrated beet root juice drink. We will be analysing the medical benefits of this super food and revealing to you if SuperBeets is worth investing in for a healthier you!

The SuperBeets product is a high concentrated formula consisting of powdered beet root, you mix it with water and you have a tasty and nutritional drink, if don’t like beet roots then they offer an alternative cherry flavour. Claimed to be high in nitrates which are claimed by the the manufacturer to offer many benefits when consumed on a daily basis. By boosting nitric oxide in your blood flow SuperBeets claims it’s capable of improving:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Energy levels
  3. Stamina levels

Using a process called “heat drying” protects the nutritional value of the beet roots so none of that goodness is lost in the process. You add six ounces of water to every scoop of SuperBeets and you have a delicious tasting and nutritional super drink!

Do Beet Roots =  Super Food?

Yes, beet roots are known to be packed with many vitamins and minerals. But, over indulging in this purple root can cause excessive weight gain because it contains high volumes of sugars and carbs. Other nutritional qualities of the common beet root are:

  1. Vitamin C & B6
  2. Phorphorus
  3. Magnesium
  4. Fiber

Added to this mix is Nitrate which is the salt of nitric oxide, found in vegetables such as beets, carrots, parsley, cabbage, radishes, green beans, and spinach. Nitrate converts to nitric oxide when digested and is very beneficial in small amounts. But having to much of nitric oxide may cause negative effects on your health. This is because you accumulate high levels of nitrosamines that can lead to other health complications.

The Claims Of SuperBeets

Nitric Oxide gas has been proven to help circulation and is often prescribed by a doctor to help with circulation problems. But what SuperBeets is claiming is by overloading your digestive system with Nitrate, your body converts it into Nitric Oxide.

Side Effects Of SuperBeets

Drinking SuperBeets on a daily basis does not cause any unwanted side effects and wont turn you purple. Users have reported their urine has a reddish tint to it, but no cause for concern if you discover this. As we mentioned earlier beet roots contain high amounts of sugars and carbs. So if you are on a diet plan and counting calories then you will have to account for this.

Warning: Only consume the recommended amount and do not over indulge in this beet drink! You must not consume any more than four scoops within any 24 hour period!

Here Are The Pros Of Using SuperBeets

  • Ninety day money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects

Clinical Evidence And SuperBeets

There is a wide variety of clinical studies and medical journals concerning the effect of beetroot juice. Beet root juice is known to be very nutritional and offers your many vitamins and minerals. It has been proven to offer a lot of health benefits and improved bodily functions, here are the many health benefits you can expect from consuming SuperBeets:

  1. Beet root is proven to reduce blood pressure, explained in this Pubmed journal.
  2. Moderate exercise performance, but more research needs to be carried out to make a solid conclusion on this matter.
  3. A study carried out also suggest that consuming beet root regularly can help blood flow to the brain and help relieve dementia.
  4. Beet root juice is also packed with antioxidants that improves your digestive system.

All of these studies are promising and prove that actual beet root juice is a very beneficial vegetable. SuperBeets do not have specific studies carried out on their specific product, but results are in and they do tend to back up their claims.

SuperBeets Customer Testimonial 

User reviews and feedback are few and far between surrounding the SuperBeets brand. Apart from affiliate websites, you will be hard pushed to find an honest independent review of the SuperBeets formula. At the time of writing this review users tend to complain over the price but the effects they do report are generally mixed.

Our Final SuperBeets Review

Yes, most root vegetables offer a high dose of nitrate that is proven to improve your levels of Nitric Oxide. This process is real and does offer many health benefits. Looking at all the benefits of beet root juice and taking into account SuperBeets claims and customer reviews. We would advise our readers to either buy beet root juice from your local supermarket or just make your own. Because of the process SuperBeets use to package their product we cannot be 100% sure that all nutritional properties are intact.


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