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Legal steroids have become one of the most sort after supplements for experienced bodybuilders. But finding the best legal steroids that are effective, affordable and safe can be a totally different story. We have tried, tested and reviewed many types of steroid alternatives so we know which supplier works and which one flops!

In our list of legal steroids we will reveal to you the best products that encourage gains, cuts and strength. Every individual legal steroid supplement listed here is accompanied by a money back guarantee, professional sales record and positive reviews. This is key to choosing any product on line because it gives the user peace of mind should they decide to change their mind or want a refund!

Our Legal Steroids Listing Process..

Our listing process is super simple, we review, rate and rank each legal steroid according to effectiveness, user reviews and ingredients. A legal steroid ONLY makes it onto our list because it has a good tack record of muscle gain, bulk, strength and cuts.

Another major contributor to being a solid legal steroid is its safety record, legal steroids should NOT cause any severe side effects. Side effects can be uncomfortable and hinder your bodybuilding experience and success rate. Therefore, all legal steroids we list are not known to cause any severe health complications.

Choose The Correct Legal Steroid For Your Cycle

Before you choose one of our legal steroids you need to decide which type of cycle you want to accomplish. Listed below are the two main cycles every serious bodybuilder should go through to achieve noticeable results.

  1. The Bulking Cycle – If you have never lifted or not lifted for a while then this would be your first bodybuilding cycle.
  2. The Cutting Cycle – After bulking for an average of 8/10 weeks, you should start a cutting cycle.
  3. Recommended cycle times – We recommend that you bulk and cut for no more than 8/10 weeks at a time.

#1 Crazy Bulk…

Crazy Bulk are known for their use of proven natural ingredients and have been a leading provider of steroid alternatives for many years. Producing over ten individual agents to help bodybuilders and athletes with bulking, cutting and strengthening muscle. We have listed each individual product below based on our own experience and customer reviews we receive:

  • D-Bal – Formulated to improve a bulking cycle, but can be used by beginners and novices who want to achieve quick results.
  • Anvarol – Great for cutting and fat loss. Therefore, making it ideal for cutting and defining muscle mass.
  • Testo-Max – Increasing testosterone levels has been clinically proven to considerably improve performance, energy and muscle mass.

These three steroid alternatives can be stacked or used as a single use supplement. Crazy Bulk does offer ready made stacks to enhance a users specific cycle. Used by both men and women and producing more than 9 individual legal steroids that are natural and safe to use.

Official Crazy Bulk Website – CLICK HERE

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#2 Crazy Mass..

Crazy Mass was one of the original suppliers of legal steroids. They basically started the idea of offering and creating a product that could replicate the effects of anabolic illegal steroids. They provide a long list of cutting, bulking and strengthening agents to help bodybuilders discover their true potential. Crazy Mass offer both stacks and stand alone products for users to choose from. Although some ingredients used in the Crazy Mass range do not have as much clinical backing.

Sold, created and distributed from the US, Crazy Mass provides a first class delivery service that’s free for US citizens and minimal for worldwide destinations. Not only do they provide a cheap worldwide delivery service, they also boast of a 5 day turn around on all worldwide destinations.

Official Crazy Mass Website – CLICK HERE

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#3 D-Bal Max….

Ranking in 3rd place is the single use steroid alternative called D-Bal Max. This dynamite looking product has received amazing reviews and rating from bodybuilders around the world who claim it greatly improved their lifts and growth. Offering a formula of natural ingredients that are proven beneficial to help bodybuilders grow muscle, lift heavier and define muscle. We don’t believe it can match the gains of illegal steroids such as Dianabol, but know it’s a good product which enhances performance and growth.

Official D-Bal Max Website – CLICK HERE

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Every supplier listed above supplies a diet plan because they want you to achieve the best results using their product. Therefore users must implement an exercise plan that consists of both weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises. Although this is stating the obvious supplements are only half the way to success when bodybuilding

Are They Really As Good As Anabolic Steroids?

These steroid alternatives do not mirror the effects of anabolic agents but they do come a close second place in terms of bulk and performance. Another important point to make is that these supplements are formulated with natural extracts. These extracted ingredients can range from shellfish, plants, herbs and various roots. Although these extracts can be powerful they do not come with any severe side effect risk.

Put The Time And Effort In…

Building muscle and bulking takes effort because it require you to put in dedication at the gym. These products are nothing like a magic pill that makes you buff overnight. Therefore, working hard and resting 8 hours at night, following an eating plan is key to your bodies growth.

These bodybuilding supplements are a great way for beginners and the more experienced bodybuilders to use as part of a healthy bodybuilding cycle. This is because they up your success rate no matter how long you have been lifting. Another positive when it comes to using legal steroids is the fact that they only use natural ingredients in their formulas.

Using alternatives to steroids is a great idea if users who are looking to up their gains from each bodybuilding cycle. Users should also concentrate on the correct diet plan and the correct foods to consume while bulking or cutting.

Our Final Word….

Using medical research, clinical trials and user opinions we have recorded the best rated legal steroids available on a worldwide basis. All products and ingredients are legal and safe to consume no matter which country you reside in. All legal steroids are acceptable and totally legal to use at professional or competitive level due to the use of natural ingredients.

These hand picked supplements produce results for both men and women who want to improve growth and performance. Having tried and tested all products below, we are confident they will help you achieve your goals.


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