Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bodybuilding

Most times people begin bodybuilding because of their desire to gain muscle and lose fat. They have seen pictures of bodybuilders on television, in the movies, or in magazines and have the aspiration to look like them. But for most of the population, their dream of becoming big and strong with the physique of a Greek god is just a wish. Their dream ends here because they either don’t have the determination to accomplish the goal or they lack the knowledge on how to achieve such a dream.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has told the story of how he as a young boy would have all these pictures hanging up in his bedroom of different bodybuilders. They inspired him to reach his goal of becoming one of the best bodybuilders of all time. The pictures of half-naked men also had his parents thinking their son was a homosexual. Be prepared to be looked at differently when living the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Bodybuilding Goals for both Men and Women

The first step is to set goals for yourself. Men usually start bodybuilding so they can add more size to their muscles, and at the same time decrease the percentage of fat they are carrying around. While women tend to want more of the lean look without the bulkiness of larger muscles.

The reasons behind it can differ. Some do it to start leading a more healthy style of living. They want to be able to have more energy, live longer, and just overall improve their quality of life. Others want to improve their appearance enough to start turning heads more of the opposite sex. Whatever the reason may be, be prepared to put in the time and work hard. There is an old saying that you should work smart, not hard. Whoever said that was not a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders must work smart and hard in the effort to reach their goals.

Prepare to Put in the Time

There is a reason that inmates at the prisons across the world are jacked up and muscular. They don’t have much more to do except lift weights. Sure they can do a shanking in the shower to pass the time and kill a man that looked at them wrong during their prison-enforced GED class, but they realize they are much better off taking out all that aggression on the iron.

During the first six months or so of training, an individual will make some of their biggest gains. Muscles will be worked that have long been forgotten. Soreness will be an everyday thing. All of this will happen, but only if you push yourself. The muscle size will increase and the fat will decrease, if you put in the time and do the hard work.

Many trainers and so-called experts will remind you not to “over-train” your body. “Are you sore, then take a few days off.” “Muscles can’t grow if you don’t rest them.” But there is a difference between being sore because you are busting it in the gym or truly being injured. If you are injured, speak to a medical professional. If you are sore, dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and get in there for one more round because Mickey loves you!

Basic Bodybuilding Training Schedule

If the only gym you have entered in the last few years is Jim’s Steakhouse, then stepping into the fitness world might be intimidating. A friend that knows about fitness can make your entrance into this world a lot less traumatic. It will save you time and get you into a routine much faster if someone else at first is guiding the way.

If all your current friends are fat slobs and tend to spend most of their time at buffets, then try to make a friend at the gym that appears to know what he/she is doing. Be careful though! An overzealous novice trying to gleam on to a bodybuilding veteran can have disastrous consequences. (Please refer back to that shanking in the shower from earlier.) Interrupting a grizzled veteran’s no-nonsense workout is the quickest way to end a friendship before it can begin.

If you tend to be more shy and reserved without the knowledge needed to tone your body, bite the bullet and hire a personal trainer for a month or two until you get into the swing of things. The trainer will essentially provide you with lifting exercises and proper technique.
They will probably produce a schedule where you are working out every other day.

You will be concentrating on certain body parts each of those designated days. (For example, Mondays=Chest. Wednesdays=Bis and Tris. Fridays=Back and Shoulders. Sundays=Legs.) Three to five exercises will be introduced for each body part. Three sets of each exercise will be performed with 8-12 reps for each set. Depending on preference, cardio will begin or end each workout. All of this is not overly complicated once you get a routine down.

Diet like a caveman or women

Putting in the time and working out like a maniac does not guarantee you a body that should be worshipped. Trying to get the physique you want entails eating smart. All the exercise in the world will not give you toned muscles if you are not eating healthy. Fitness is 25 percent training hard and 75 percent diet.

We’ve all been there. We try to rationalize our diet to our selves and others. We proclaim those two packages of peanut butter cups we just ate is actually good for us because it provided us with three grams of protein. Don’t fool yourself.

Keep it simple. Eat like a caveman. If a caveman didn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t be eating it. Stay with the vegetables, fruit, water, and meat. Eating more protein leaves you feeling full longer, and it also builds muscle. Want bigger muscles? Eat more protein.

There is no easy way to become a bodybuilder. But it doesn’t have to be overly hard either. If the effort is there, you have common sense, and you watch your diet, you will well be on your way to fulfilling your goal. There is so much in life we can’t control, so be disciplined enough and work on something that you totally can like your fitness.

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