How Water Can Effect Your Workout And Heath

Everyone is always looking for the best supplements to help themselves create a healthy and attractive body. What if you were lacking in the cheapest yet most essential supplement in the world? What if there was something that almost everyone had access to, yet everyone lacked? People go out looking at supplements to cure their problems when they are lacking in some of the most essential and needed vitamins or calorie groups.

One of the biggest problems people have these days is dehydration. Most people are actually walking around slightly dehydrated everyday. Water is essential for your muscles and transporting nutrients around to help heal your muscles. Yet many people are slightly dehydrated. Just remember the color of your pee when you went to the restroom a couple hours ago. It was probably yellow right?

That means you are most likely dehydrated. Dehydration can cause a variety of problems including suffering from weakness when you shouldn’t be. Imagine if all your lifts went up just because you started drinking enough water! Yet this is the case for most people who are dehydrated. Don’t go out and buy more supplements to put a larger strain on your kidney’s when you haven’t been getting enough water in the first place.

So since water is so important, here are the top 4 reasons on why and how to increase hydration.

Healthy skin and Better Muscles

Increasing water intake will automatically have benefits in the looks department. Your muscles will start to fill up and look bigger and better compared to the flat muscles typically associated with dehydration.

Strength and Endurance Levels

By drinking more water you will be able to lift more weights. It is incredible how just water can increase your lifts by significant amounts. A 300lb deadlift might go to 320 just because your aren’t dehydrated.

Overall Health

There is absolutely no reason not to be hydrated with how available water is for everyone. If you want to help the less fortunate who doesn’t have access to water, donate. Your kidney’s don’t need to be strained from a lack of water, and your whole body will thank you if you take in enough nutrients. You will have more energy and feel better on top of it all.

Water, Water And More Water!

The best way I found was to walk around with a gallon jug and just try to finish one a day. The problem with this is that you kinda look weird holding a gallon jug, and although I personally don’t care others don’t like the stares you might get holding one around everywhere you go.

So when appearance matters I would recommend a nice 32-40 ounce canteen of some sort. Get something lightweight that can keep your water cold and refreshing.

Another big questions is HOW much water should you be drinking everyday? That is a good question, and a lot of people i know worry about over hydration and essentially drowning themselves in water. This is something really hard to do, just don’t try to drink a whole gallon of water because you hadn’t drank any water for a long time.

I would recommend starting out at about 3/4’s of a gallon, or about 80-100 ounces of water a day. This would be on top of other beverages that you have. I would also highly recommend cutting down on sugary beverages and the like. That Coca Cola has unnecessary calories that could be used on whole foods or the like. So when you don’t know what else you can do to get stronger turn to water before the expensive supplements!

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