Xtreme Testosterone Review

Xtreme Testosterone is another in a long list of testosterone boosting supplements, claiming to help improve lean muscle, libido and  performance. Targeted towards men both young and old who want to improve testosterone levels, build muscle and improve performance.

What We Know About Xtreme Testosterone

Our Xtreme Testosterone review will list all we know about this supplement including side effects, customer testimonials and ingredients they use in their formula. This way you will discover if Xtreme Testosterone is worth the money and time to invest in. Sold and formulated by a company called FIT Crew USA who are a well known brand who specialize in health, well being and fitness supplements.

How Does Xtreme Testosterone Work?

Xtreme Testosterone’s name says it all! it improves your testosterone levels, so you can enjoy the benefits that come with heaving better levels of testosterone.  Here are a few examples and features of what this supplement promises to achieve:

  1. Improving your libido levels
  2. Fat Loss and improved metabolism
  3. Better muscle growth
  4. Enhanced energy and
  5. Reduction in fatigue levels
  6. Better endurance

If you suffer from low testosterone then you can experience low energy, weight gain and low libido due to this man hormone controlling a lot of what makes you an alpha male!

Makings Of Xtreme Testosterone

All active ingredients that have been used in this formula are naturally extracted, Xtreme Testosterone claims that their product does not cause side effects because they crafted their product with natural ingredients. More importantly, users have reported minor issues with their product associated with side effects such as headaches and stomach aches. These are among the most commonly reported side effects associated with the use of Xtreme Testosterone.

Ingredients Used In The Xtreme Testosterone Formula

After researching the ingredients used in this product we only found three that have been officially announced on their website. Here is a run down on what ingredients we found and their overall effects on your testosterone levels:

  1. L-Arginine – Branched chain amino acid that improves circulation and improves nitric oxide levels with the blood.
  2. L-Citrulline – Improves the distribution of proteins, but also helps with essential blood nutrients.
  3. L-Norvaline – Known to slightly boost testosterone and help muscle tissue repair at a quicker rate.

From the ingredients we have managed to locate, we know they are safe, natural and effective for men who want to build muscle. Although they can support testosterone levels we cannot prove for sure that they will dramatically improve levels!  The three amino acids listed above are generally associated with bodybuilding supplements.

Reported Side Effects

Like all health related supplements especially testosterone boosters, side effects are a common occurrence. Although these are not life threatening or long lasting they are still present. Xtrememe Testosterone is no exception, users have reported many times about feeling dizzy and initially experiencing stomach aches for a few days.

Never take supplements or dieting drugs if you are pregnant, breast feeding or under 18. Users with underlying health conditions should also be aware that using supplements that change the chemistry of your body should be avoided!

Where Can You Purchase Xtreme Testosterone From Fit Crew USA ?

Purchasing Xtreme Testosterone is not available in your local superstore or local chemist. Users can only order from their official website and have it delivered. Delivery is quick and can be shipped to most major worldwide destinations. Be sure to make use of their 14 free trial offer to see if this testosterone booster agrees with your body.

Important Update: If you decide that Xtreme Testosterone is not for you then cancel your subscription before the end of the 14 day trial!

Final Conclusion Of Xtreme Testosterone

Having looked through the ingredients, read customer testimonials and reviews about Xtreme Testosterone, we believe it may help a certain amount of users. Xtreme Testosterone enjoys 60% positive reviews and 40% negative, this is an average rating. We would advise you to try this if you would like to build muscle. For users who just want to boost testosterone levels then there are better alternatives around.

Xtreme Testosterone

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